Introducing Jekyll

In the last few months, I’ve been working with Jekyll, a light-weight, Ruby-based, and Markdown-friendly framework for creating static blogs and sites right in your favorite text editor, so I wrote a guest post, “Introducing Jekyll” on the new UW-Madison Devblog. Check it out!

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    Optimizing your web application: Mobile UI performance considerations

    In her article “Mobile UI performance considerations,” Estelle Weyl addresses memory and battery considerations when developing web applications for mobile devices. From embedding CSS and JavaScript into your HTML file (GASP!!!) on first load (and storing the code using localStorage), to minding the DOM and what you CAN’T see in the viewport of a mobile phone, this article is full of great ideas. A must read.

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      Smashing Magazine – jQuery Plugin Checklist: Should You Use That jQuery Plug-In?

      Do you really need that plug-in? Maybe not, maybe yes…

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