1. Hey, i tried using wo_signon with ajax but this script sends data to the document head which mean you would have a growing error file in your http://ftp... furthermore if you try to click and move to another page you will find you are not logged in…

    Have you been facing the same issuse?

    • Vidal Quevedo

      Hi Sagive,

      Do you have some example of the code you’re trying to use? That way I can look at it and see what seems to be the problem.

      In the meantime, wp_signon() returns either WP_User (object) or WP_Error (array), but it does not print them out. Please check your code to make sure you don’t have any extra spaces after or before your php blocks (< ?php ... ?>), which is usually the reason PHP complains about output being printed after headers have already been sent. Thanks!

  2. This does the job nicely:

    Auto Login to WordPress site – maintains cookie and session (persistent)
    * Do not try to use CURL to do this as that’s on the server side cannot pass cookies to the browser client.


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